Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Home made flesh lights - the conclusion

This blog is surprisingly popular, relatively speaking as compared to my other more established blogs. But after all the scientific experiments, I have to say that any starch, jelly or any home made material isn't the way to go. Though they can be used as great lubricants. You can use a much as you want, and to a custom thickness. It would be like those sticky stuff they use all over the body on porn movie. Any starch and jelly are basically water based lubricants. If you rough them up they will become more "wet", less friction. No matter how good a mixture you made and how good you feel initially, at the end there's not enough friction to do the job. If you go through all the trouble and finish with a hand job it's a different story. So I would recommend the artificial pussies which are cheap and good. If you need convenient and discreet storage, then you need the flesh lights. But a warm paste that can apply all over your private area is a good sensation. Probably good to go with the flesh lights.


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