Monday, February 28, 2011

Hot and sticky

I downloaded a porn movie.  I checked out what it is and it turned me on.  I hurried up to make a potato starch light.  I checked out the movie some more.  I cut out the best bit with avidemux and looped it.  The starchlight wasn't ready yet.  But anyway I had a go at it.

The hot and sticky starch feels so good.  The problem is that it just flow out when you pump.  But gliding into and out of the warm and sticky mess almost made me cum.  I finally finished with my hand.  But the difference is that the thick warm starch became the lubrication.  It was very good.  It was thick and slippery so you can squeeze hard and jerk hard at the end.  Because the dick is an uneven piece of equipment, you can't please every part without thick lube.  It beats any lub, by sheer volume, temperature.  Of course, don't use it in pussies.

I drilled a hole at the end of the plastic cup to pass the air in use so the thing will not be noisy.  To put water in it I stack it on another cup.  It do not work well with hot water because the uneven distribution of starch will be worsen by trapping something between the two cups.

Add starch to hot water (200F) isn't a good idea after all.  Obviously the starch will be uneven.  You have to stir it well.  This time I used the 1" pipe to stir which is too thick to be good and made a mess.

I never gave up on starch because I knew a warm sticky paste will be good if only for lube.  It's worthwhile to make a harder outer light and use a thinner paste as the lube - and warm.  Looking forward to experimenting next time.

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