Sunday, January 23, 2011

Corn starch fleshlight experience

Just after I had sex with grass jelly, gathered together the junks in my garage ready to build a full scale toy, what did I found?  A corn starch fleshlight, incidentally also from China.

Because I cannot go to shop for grass jelly, I thought of alternative material in the mean time.  I remembered I played with corn starch when I was little, and remembered it turns into solid somehow.  I immediately mixed corn starch with hot water.  It didn't do anything.  Later I remembered it have to be cooked.  Immediately I thought of the microwave, so nobody will ask why I cook starch!  Some 30 sec the starch mixture turned into solid!  It was soft and elastic and did not degenerate on squeezing.  Immediately I saw the potential.  At least it did not release water.

Then I found the corn starch fleshlight online, and I believed it 100%.  There are plenty of old jokes around the net, typically youtube videos of making something that didn't work, just luring you to put your dick into something that you will regret, or just totally wasting your time.  And this the reason I didn't find it earlier.

The bit of corn starch I made did not turn hard or dry the next day.  The significant is that you can made one in advance, and do not have to microwave corn starch and wait for it to cool when you are ready to go.

Actually I was so confident that the stuff will work that I was thinking of other things - corn starch breast and bottom.  The guy using weight is dubious, but perhaps every Chinese have a sensitive weight in the kitchen.  I tried 1 oz (volumen) of corn starch to 4 oz water.  This is rough estimate and I'll be more accurate later when I tried different experiments.  I use a bowl as the mold for breast, mix the corn starch with cold water (forget about hot water), and microwave it about a minute, stopping when the mixture starts to raise like a cake.

The artificial breast is a success.  It's easily taken out of the bowl.  It's a bit flat as the bowl is not the ideal mold, but otherwise it's perfect.  It's clean, highly elastic and squeezable with reasonable force.  It feels somewhat like squeezing real breasts.  It's good to touch too.  From my experience the breast will last a  few times without degenerating.  I'm looking for molds that make it look erotic.  You can always use food dye to get your fav skin color instead of ghost white.

Artificial butt is a little bit more challenged.  I'm thinking of using some bowls to fill the void in the middle to save some corn starch, and the whole thing will not collapse under your weight.  The look of a butt is not that simple.  I also intend to put a artificial pussy or anus hiding in the butt for pleasure.

Back to the fleshlight itself.  With difficult I made one with a 8" long, 2.5" diameter drain pipe as the container.  It's a long story but I tried to make another sex toy with that before.  It was simply too thin in the diameter.  The thing boil over when the corn starch begin to raise.  When I put insert the stick and put microwave again more starch boiled over.  I think I overcooked it.  You only need to heat it enough that the chemical bonds begin to form, but not to cook it.

I think using the fridge is for a fast way to cool the thing.  But how can you explain a pipe with corn starch in the fridge?  I used air cool.

Once cooled, the starch is nice to touch as expected, soft and elastic.  My main problem is that my pipe is too thin, diameter too small.  When my dick is in there's nothing much space left for the starch.  I tried anyway.

The fleshlight as presented is a failure, indeed another hoax.  I didn't notice that the inventor took it out from the container and use it like a fleshlight without the outside container.  Corn starch is not plastic and it will not hold in one piece like that.  Maybe you can, but that's not masturbating as in fleshlight and tenga.  This is not a problem as I always intended to keep the starch in the custom container.

The feeling is a big disappointment compared to grass jelly.  Grass jelly is always wet so it's self lubricating.  You need lube for the corn starch because it's sticky.  Actually the corn starch will neutralize your lube.  This could be handled by the proportion of the starch mixture, or by oil based lube.

Someone mentioned that the starch hole has to be identical to your dick.  I doubt it will help.  The grass jelly is elastic but you can chip it away with your cock, so in a way forming a perfect contact with your cock.  The starch is just soft and elastic but didn't do anything.  You just need to make a pilot hole in the grass jelly and you can get inside to make a perfect sized custom hole for yourself.  But the corn starch hole in either too narrow so you are compressing the starch or two wide with not enough contact.

For the grass jelly, when I pull out, I get a very nice suction all over my cock, and I can pull out fast like the real thing.  When you pull out from the corn starch, the gap don't seem to narrow back to the size when your dick wasn't in.  I can't really repeat the sensation with corn starch but it may have good suction with the right lube.

For the grass jelly, I can pull out almost completely and then charge back in lighting fast as in the real thing.  When you charge into corn starch, the starch in front becomes an obstacle, and the starch at the sides do not squeeze back to hug your cock.

I'll still give it a try.  Corn starch is at least very soft to touch and squeeze.  It's completely not messy as compared to grass jelly.  I go around a house full of people making and trying out a homemade sex toy.  Nobody suspect a thing but nobody's in the kitchen and garage. 


  1. I do put cornstarch inside the fleshlight when it dry, but when I use it with lube few days later. I found the cornstarch melt with the lube.

    Do you think it will go inside my urethra and create issue?

    1. It could create a bacterial infection inside your dickhole m8.

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