Friday, January 21, 2011

Handsfree mastubation with Grass Jelly

This is the best part.  Put the can on the floor, put two washable cushions around it, and you are ready for the missionary position.  Be care not to over do it and let the rim of the can hurt you.

It's a metal can so you have many possibilities to mount it perfectly for you.  For example, you can have a massage table with a bit hole for your face and a little hole for you cock.  You can mount it under an office table with a big hole on it already for wiring.  You can mount it on your wooden or metal bed.  On a chair, or whatever.  As long as the can is in the upright to the horizontal position, the jelly will not fall out easily.  For other positions you need to have the opening slightly smaller than the opening of the can to hole the jelly.

You can even design some squeezable, beautiful, soft container instead of the steel can.

There is little cleanup to do.  You can just wipe yourself with baby wipes.  There's no sticky smelly lubes to clean up.  You stir the jelly with something sharp and pour the smaller pieces into the sink.  Recycle the can.

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