Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grass jelly isn't so good

I had a good experience with grass jelly, so I tested it again.  This time I got  a white version instead of black.  It smell and taste of  almond.

I put the can in warm water first, hoping that it will be body temperature.  Otherwise it's a bit too cool.  Maybe because of this, the thing shrink a little and the whole trunk of jelly can slide out easily out of the can.  The good thing is that if you drain the water, it's not messy you may not need anything to absorb any dripping liquid.

Again I drill a pilot hole in the middle.  I also added a few cuts around the hole, hoping that it looks like a pussy slit.

At first it's good, slippery and tight.  Once after you are in, soon you feel that there's lack of friction or pressure.  Otherwise you can simulate charging without being hurt, and you can pull out and get a good suction.

When you charge you have the problem of compressing the air when there's no way out.  When you pull out, you have to hold the jelly to prevent it from coming out from the can.

Because of the lack of friction and pressure, I took the jelly out of the can, and put it around my cock.  Using my hand to apply pressure all around the jelly feels good, and you get increased friction and suction when you masturbate.  However, the whole jelly block disintegrate soon, along the cuts that I made to resemble slit in the pussy.

With the right size insert hole, air escape route, lid to hold the jelly in the can, it can satisfy at least some of your needs.

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