Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bend down, you are fucked

After finding the best fleshlight material, the next is the best mount for a hands free experience.

Recap, 6 to 10 milk powder scope (30 ml each?) of potato starch for 500 ml or two cup of warm water.  Cold water is OK but warm is quicker for the starch to dissolve.  Stir well and keep stirring in a small cooking pot.  The starch will thicken slowing and all of a sudden become a very thick paste.  Then pour the mixture into a 5" diameter plastic cup or bottle.

Then use a stick of your size to make a hole in the cup.  Cover the stick with plastic wrap and it will be easy to remove the stick. I use a torch handle.

The starch will cool fast to a warm temperature suitable for your body.  May be 15 min or so.  It help if you put it in the fridge.  But you want it warm, like a hot body.

Next how to mount the bitch.  Use a standard 5" can, make a hole at the back, make two holes through a PVC pipe, and screw the can onto the pipe.

You need a plastic drill bit for the pipe and metal drill bit for the steel can.  But wood will probably OK but takes more time and care.  The screw and bolt in picture is for dry wall mounting.

Then use C clamps to mount the bitch on the table top.  Most tables are just below your dick for adults, so nobody is going to hurt bad when they ramp into the table corner by accident.  It's perfect height.  If you need to, find a stool.  If you are too tall, you will have plenty of angles to play with.

Now make the lube with half a scoop of starch and 1/3 cup of water.  Heat until sticky.  Isn't that appetizing or what?

Pour the lube into the fleshlight and insert the cup into the can.

Finally turn on your fav doggy movie on the desktop and fuck away.

The verdict: it's almost real doggy feeling when you charge.  At least you do it really as if someone bent down and you are going to violate her ass.

The return stroke has good suction with lube and all that.  But the whole block of fleshlight tend to come out when you are too excited.

I got too excited, twisted a neck muscle, knocked off one c-clamp in the middle of it, and have to hold back the starch with both hands at finish.  But it was still like a real doggy finish.

The improvements?  Need to have a screen at eye level.  My screen can swirl upwards, but still the height and viewing angle is not great.

The c-clamps are secure but need to flatten the pipe at contact so the standard clamp do not slip.  The clip type have groove to hold onto the pipe so it was perfect.

You need a cup with a lid.  Cut a bit hole in the lid for entry.  The lid should hold back the starch, hands free.

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