Thursday, May 19, 2011

Potato starch out of stock?

That's what happened when I last went to my local Asian shop, and it's a major chain.  The only ones left are the ones from Japan!  Makes you wonder why.

There are sweet potato starch too, but I don't know about the chemistry.  It should be sweet though.  So I got the more expensive potato starch from Japan anyway.  It still less than $2 for 12 oz.

This is 16 milk scoop to 1 quart (paint can).  I sort of excited when I see the milky white cream come out of the stove.

Last time I was late to discover my keyboard tray under the desktop wouldn't go all the way in, limiting how deep I can pound in the can.  And in the heat of the moment, I bent dropped something on the floor, bent down to pick it up, and hit the handle of the c-clamp at my eye.  I was seeing double at the screen.  This time I made sure this doesn't happen.

Confirmed, thinner potato starch, fluid but don't drip, is the best lube.  I apply some warm lube on my cock and got it erect in no time by my own hand job.  It's thick and totally not messy.  Though you can put it in pussies.

This time it's totally hand free.  I can pound hard in and pull out fast without the block of starch coming out.  But I hold the can anyway because I fucked so hard that the whole table moved.  You can't do it on somebody.  Even though the table is by the wall, I grabbed the can to hold everything steady when I fucked.

It was a synchronized fuck with the porn star at the monitor, stand up doggy style.

The powerful suction is a problem when you pump air in and pull out.  Now it is just brute force.  Maybe creating holes at the sides.

A plain hole is probably not the best.  But also you don't want something to make you too sensitive.  You want it to last.

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