Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sissy fleshlight, move over

This is one tough pussy.  It's a paint can from hardware stores, 1 quart, about 1 lite.  It's smooth all over, even non-stick inside.

I use a 3" mounting arch to fix the can onto a wooded plank, and of course use vices or clamps to fix the plank onto a table edge.  3" is not large enough but that's the biggest I can find in the electrical section.

The bad thing is that it's too large.  It doubles what I used to make and just happened I'm out of potato starch.  But starch is cheap.

The good thing is that in the opening there's an edge to hold the lid, so it's difficult for the whole block of starch to come out in the heat of the moment.

The thing is rock solid.  I can do hand free fuck, heavy pounding in and sudden pulling out.

The can is cheap.  I even heat the starch in it.

The starch is a bit dilute this time because I'm out.  So it wasn't as good as I imagine.  But in many ways better than last times.

I'm going out to stockpile potato starch.  I'll tell you what happen next.  I can't wait to fuck the bitch again.

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