Friday, July 1, 2011

Also Fleshlight killers

I had come across these toys before, dismissing them as irrelevant.  And they were.

When a tiny flesh light cost $60, how much will these cost using a lot more materials?

The holy grail is the latest Japanese sex doll model.  I can almost jerk myself looking at the pictures.  But that's $6000, able to fuck a lot of hookers.

The US made body parts using porn stars as moulds.  A butt cannot be pretty on it's own, it is indeed scary.  The use of porn stars is an excuse to make money from trash.  Live size butt for example use a lot of material for nothing.

Now the small ones cost $15, including shipping.  The larger ones used to sell for a few hundred now sells for a fraction.  While fleshlights still sell for $60.

This tiny body parts have good reviews, even as good as fleshlight.  It can't be better as you don't want to cum as soon as you get inside.

I never thought of it this way.  This is exactly what I wanted.  You can fuck it as if bending down somebody on the table.  It doesn't need to be as good as the fleshlight but you can fuck it hard, almost hand free, in the standing and other positions.

All my hardward for my homemade fleshlight cost more than $15, but I had them already in the garage.  And it cost money to replace the potato starch.

If you have your own place the bigger ones like armless and legless are pretty cheap.  But for me the problem is how to hide the smallest ones while living with someone alive, but not wanting to fuck all the time.

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